Friday, April 24, 2009


I love to display the things I love. In my business notebook I have pages of cardstock collages with beautiful items that motivate me. When I make a new page I can pull an old one out and post it on a cork board. It helps my creative process to keep motivating items all around me. These items can be little beads I'm trying to figure out how to use, pictures of fun times with my son, or fashion forward photos from magazines. Whatever gets or keeps my mind going. Honestly this isn't just business, I use these tidbits in my day to day fashion. I learn new ways to belt a cardigan or tunic, work a vest, or take a basic dress from day to evening. I need motivation in my life, in heavy doses!

In keeping with this, I recently found ways to make your own glam bulletin boards using recycled materials.
A large, ornate frame makes a great bulletin board for a child's room or home office. Begin by painting the frame. Measure and cut thick corkboard to fit the frame. If the corkboard is less than a half-inch thick, back it with inch-thick foam core secured with spray mount or hot glue. Fit the corkboard into the frame by attaching it with brads at the back. Glue grosgrain ribbon around the edges of the cork to create a border inside the frame.

An old office corkboard can be converted to a stylish magnetic message board with the help of fabric, zinc-coated steel (aluminum and stainless steel will not hold magnets), and a whitewashed frame.

Transform a flea-market picture frame into a pretty — and practical — pocket organizer with some mat board. Cut a mat board to fit your frame. Cut additional strips of mat board to the same width as the frame. To create a decorative look, glue seamstress's tape to the top edge of each strip. Working from top to bottom, create "pockets" by gluing the bottom edge of the strips to the board with hot glue. Overlap strips as you go. Fit the mat into the frame and secure it to the back of the frame with hot glue or a few brads.

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