Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am a WOMAN


A real woman is true to herself.
She holds her head up high.
She doesn't waddle in pity; or sit back and cry.
A real woman is a survivor.
She can stand on her own feet.
With God by her side, she can't be beat.
A real woman has courage; she has spunk and grace.
Even when she is down, she has a smile upon her face.
A real woman will make it.
A real woman will excel.
She will keep on striving, whether she wins or fails.

Copyright © 2006 Gwynita Leggington

So Glam Goddess, I will be adding confidence,resilience, religion, courage, and grace. You have to be these things! I hate to see a woman in any shoes walking like a misunderstood adolescent boy. Either they slide their feet or have a clop like Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Yuck! Embrace your feminine side, walk like a woman, exude grace.

Monday, May 18, 2009

White pants?!

I have spent years terrified of white pants. I mean terrified. I would see them in a store and turn and go in the opposite direction! I'm being seriously. I felt the same way about them as I feel about swimwear. I'm just not in that confident wear and love it stage.

So anyway, I was on a shopping adventure a few months back. More than anything else I was blowing some time waiting on something to be done, or fixed, or whatever. I went into one of my favorite little boutiques, and there in my walkway was a pair of white denim beside a pair of white pants. You can blame the door opening and closing, but they were swaying and taunting me. Now, I never, NEVER, back down from a challenge. Well unless I just don't really care, I never back down from a challenge. So I snatched my size, and the size above, and went into the dressing room. I turned on the iPod feature on my iPhone, got some motivational tunes going, and slipped into the evil pants. What? Wow? When? Why? Hot diggity, damn sexy! The pants were fabulous! I stayed in the dressing room impressed with myself for awhile. When I finally came out still singing, now Beautiful by Snoop ft. Pharrell...oh Pharrell!!!!, I practically skipped to the cash wrap.

The moral, I was never really afraid of white denim. Not really afraid. I was obsessed and intimated. I'd owned beautiful white canvas pants back in junior high or high school They were Ann Taylor, wide leg, and so very perfect. There was a lot of firmness on my frame back then, and I loved those pants. Most girls didn't understand them...this was when flare leg denim was all the rage. They were so glam! Then last summer white jeans were the it item next to all things yellow and Kelly green. I didn't have my white pant body anymore. Plus, they only advertised white pants on thin women wearing huge boyfriend cardigans that made their legs look even thinner. No fair! So I figure it wasn't my trend. And I was right. Dammit, it's my staple. I will always and forever have white pants in my wardrobe. They are now officially, stamped with my approval, apart of my personal style.

This is all to say, there are very few true blue, not trend, items in fashion that won't adjust themselves to any body type. You just have to remember the importance of fit, appropriateness, and comfort.

Check-a, check-a my FRESH

I am so obsessed with me right now. I am finally figuring out that I have NO, zip, zero, nada, fashion limitations. Glam is beautiful this season...and every season babies!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I am passionate about all things glamour. This does not mean I follow, or agree, with every trend. I don't purchase every item I like. I don't sacrifice comfort. I have rules. These rules fit MY STYLE. They make me a wonderful teacher of GLAMAZON 101. (Actually I nominated myself, seconded the nomination, and intimated the "na's.") I just feel strong about personal style. I think it is the essence of someone. It's using your body as real estate to market, to advertise, who you are and what you are here to do. You can be trendy, casual, bohemian, business, sexy, and on and on and on. Just be glam about it. Dammit please, be glam about it.

As women we are far to naturally fab to be hiding ourselves away. I mean, over lunch, cigarettes, or ice cream cones look at the people around you. Women come in so many shapes and sizes. We have such amazing oddities about ourselves. We are beautiful in drastically different ways. Look at the comfortable women. I use the word comfortable because it's impossible not to find beauty in someone who is comfortable in their own skin.

That brings us to the first lesson.

1. Be comfortable in your own skin. Look at yourself long and hard in the mirror. Identify every glitch and hang up. Then realize it ain't so bad. There's someone out there dealing with a physical imperfection far worse. No one is perfect. No one is made from a perfect plastic mold. We are all designed to be flawed. Get over it. Once you embrace your cellulite, extra pounds, big nose, front gapped teeth, thin lips, or clef lip, no one can use those things against you. Love who you are today. Yes you should aspire to be better tomorrow, but do not shit on yourself today. The moral of this long story is this, people can sense your comfort like a crazy dog can sense your fear. So, be comfortable in your own skin!

2. Be yourself. Duh, but not really. I remember back in the gap of time, I had this friend who had this friend. We all spent a weekend together in my Dallas apartment with wild girl's night out plans. First thing first, let's say to hell with all our great clothes and start fresh with a shopping excursion. That's when it went to hell in a hand basket. My friend, Ashley, is a strong personality. She's such a strong personality I don't always adore her. Ashley's friend Lauren has a weak personality. She attaches herself to the strongest personality in the room like a tick to blood. Somehow Lauren ended up shopping with me. I'm a no nonsense, like what I like, make a final decision in moments, kind of girl. Bad grouping. She ended up picking out clothes and asking me over and over if I though Ashley would like them. Frustrated, I asked her why she was shopping for Ashley? She wasn't! She told me she was shopping for herself, but wanted to be sure that Ashley would like what she bought. She was having a damn anxiety attack about it. She bought a few pieces, for herself, to let Ashley choose from, for her to wear. Ugh! Stand on your own two feet with your own style. This continued for a couple years. Lauren was becoming Ashley, and I think Ashley liked it. This was Mini Me long before Mike Myers' Austin Powers thought of it. So most of the time I saw or heard anything Ashley and Lauren, they had the same hair style, same stylist, same clothes, same shoes, same size, coming from the same eatery, after leaving the same dentist, running behind because their same alarm clocks went off the same fifteen minutes too late. No! Anyone desperate to mock my PERSONAL style scares me! I would think you were planning to skin me and wear me as a coat. My personal style is just that. It belongs to me. You can't have it or copycat it. Let me help you find your personal style. Ashley and Lauren are no longer two peas from the same pod. Years and confidence have changed them both. Thank you Lord.

3. Know your size. There's nothing like an outfit being great in theory. I see women all the time marching around in beautiful clothes that look like they are being horribly abused. Figure out your most comfortable number in that piece and buy it. My closet is a vast array of numbers. Different articles are different sizes. Different designers are different sizes. Different cuts are different sizes. I'm a pear shape. I have to purchase a different top and bottom size. This way I can look more like a hourglass. If I made my numbers match I'd look a hot ass mess! Even with dresses, an A line dress typically works well with my top size, but a straight dress works with my bottom size and gets belted. No matter the dress, I have to try it on, and I typically enter the dressing room with three sizes.

These rules are important for comfort and confidence! I don't know everything and this isn't everything I know. I will add to it, and you feel free to do the same.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

In one year I will say...

Look at where I have come from!

These last few years have been tough for me. So much has changed, and it changed so quickly. I'm not where I intended to be. Actually, I feel far from where I intended to be. Everyday hasn't been a bad day, but I allowed myself to be a victim too many days. I am giving myself 12 months to turn my life around. I plan to do things better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today! God willing and by His plan!

This is a part of owning my GLAM. I need to fix the inside and personal for the outside to be all that I want it to be. I must command the positive to live the positive!